From time-to-time public works carried out by local statutory agencies infringe upon privately-owned land or may require structural changes to household or business premises. When this happens, you can rely on us to ensure that you're correctly compensated.

If your land or property is subject to a vesting order or wayleave notice, you're entitled to representation to negotiate for compensation and the provision of accommodation works.

Early intervention will protect your assets and can lessen the impact of the scheme on the value of your property, as well as minimising any disturbance during the works.

Laying Gas Lines

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Practical help from our specialist team

Simply put, compensation doesn't just mean financial remuneration but also, protection with regards to the value of your land or property. Alteration works could potentially de-value your home, for example, so it's important to consider the overall impact of a project.

With lots of technicalities and legalities involved, our experienced team can expertly negotiate on your behalf to secure the best deal. We'll ensure that any accommodation works are functional and in keeping with the appearance of your property, as well as advising on materials used. This will help to ensure that everything is completed to your satisfaction and to as high a standard as possible.

Agent Reviewing Claim

Our team has successfully negotiated claims on various schemes, including:

  • Gas to the West
  • Strategic Trunk Main project
  • Dungannon/Ballygawley Dualling scheme
  • Carland Bridge Realignment scheme

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