How To Survive Moving Day!

So, you’re moving home. Congratulations!

The nerve-wracking bit is over and now it’s time to get organised. If you’re not sure where to begin then have a read of our moving house checklist. We’ve got tried and tested moving tips to make sure you’re covered from start to finish.

Packi‚Äčng to move house

De-clutter first

Moving home can be a hectic time, so it’s best to start as early as possible with a ruthless clear out. Struggle to let go of things? Ask yourself whether you’ve used the item in the last year and if the answer’s no, you should definitely get rid of it. 

Where to get boxes

Save some cash and get packing boxes from your local supermarket. Opt for boxes used for transporting fruit or alcohol, as long as there haven’t been any spillages, as these tend to be the strongest. Be sure to pick up some packing tape, scissors and Sharpies while you’re there, too.

Use colour coding

One of the most important things to do when packing to move is to assign a colour to each of your rooms and mark your packed boxes with the corresponding colour. That way, you can put your boxes straight into the room they’re supposed to be in. No more getting confused by messy handwriting or mysterious boxes with nothing written on them.

Transporting your clothes

Save your freshly-ironed clothes from getting crushed in the bottom of a box or suitcase with this quick tip. Pull a drawstring bin bag over around 10 items of clothing while they’re hanging in the wardrobe, tie the bag at the top and voila! Crumple-free clothes.

Choosing a moving company

Make sure they’re insured
Insurance is the most important thing a removals service can have. Without it, you risk having to fork out for any damages to your items yourself so double check that the companies you’re interested in are insured.

The Night Before:
1)  Prepare for tomorrow night 
2)  Make entertainment bundles for your kids
3)  Pack an essentials bag
4)  Remember to charge your phone

Before You Leave:
1) Take a photo of meter readings
2) Lay out manuals for appliances
3) Make sure your windows, back door and garage are locked
4) Switch off the boiler and plug sockets

When You Get Your Keys
1) Save your pets from stress - drop them off at a friends or pet sitters
2) Check all your light bulbs work
3) Start cleaning before you move anything in
4) Then move your furniture in first

Addresses to change when moving

Contact Royal Mail to set up a one-month or three-month redirection service before you move out so that you can get settled before changing your address. Remember to let companies know you’ve moved, as well as your family and friends, so everyone knows where you are.

1) Finances - Bank account and credit card(s), Pension provider, Insurance provider(s)
2) Government - HMRC, Electoral register, Driver’s license
3) Memberships - Gym, Music and video streaming services, Loyalty cards, Magazine and newspaper subscriptions
4) Utilities - Electricity, Gas, Water, Phone, Broadband, Mobile, TV license, TV subscription
5) Healthcare - Dentist, Doctor, Optician, Vet
6) Work and education - School, college and/or university, Employer

The buying, moving and settling in process can feel like it takes forever. Between applying for a mortgage, viewing houses and getting an accepted offer through the legal process, it can be months after finding your perfect property by the time you finally move in. But when you’re able to come home, sit down and relax after the final box has been tidied away, you’ll know it was all worth it.